The Barron Collier Companies have submitted plans to the Bonita Springs Community Development office outlining a proposed redevelopment of the shuttered Bonita Springs Golf and Country Club.

The developer is proposing two new communities totaling 500 homes on the closed 113 acre golf course, located in the northern section of Bonita Springs surrounded by several roads including Paradise Road, Cockleshell Lane and Maddox Lane. The proposal includes a roundabout to be constructed on Paradise Road near Maddox Lane and Wood Ibis Avenue that would serve as an entrance to part of the community.

A major point of concern is stormwater runoff in the area, which has seen minor to moderate flooding on some streets following heavy rainfall events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. The city of Bonita Springs is currently conducting a stormwater drainage study of the property. The Barron Collier plan indicates that the area will see improvements to stormwater runoff and flooding if their development plan is approved.

A decision on whether to approve the development plan, and the final size and scope of the project, rests with the Bonita Springs city council, who are awaiting the results of the community development office review of the plans as well as the stormwater drainage study.




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